The Benefits Of Antimicrobial Protection

Our TOUCHAB Antimicrobial Additives offer lasting Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral protection.

TOUCHAB antiviral technology makes a product effective against viruses, such as the prevalent H3N2 influenza virus and Norovirus.

TOUCHAB is perfect for use in hygiene conscious environments such as hospitals, schools and care homes.

What Are the Benefits of Built-In TOUCHAB Antimicrobial Technology?

TOUCHAB leading antimicrobial protection technologies are based on scientifically proven active ingredients. Each technology is designed for seamless manufacture into products and surfaces to address specific microbial problems.

Effective Against Bacteria by up to 99.999%

The action of antimicrobial technology means bacteria struggle to survive when they interact with a treated product.

TOUCHAB has been proven effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, including MRSA, E.coli.

Be effective against viruses

TOUCHAB Antimicrobial Technology is proven to deactivate H3N2 Influenza virus and Norovirus.

Resistant to the Growth of Mold and Mildew

TOUCHAB antimicrobial protection will work to inhibit the growth of unsightly mold and mildew on a product.

Reduces the Risk of Cross Contamination

TOUCHAB antimicrobial protection makes a product inherently cleaner. This reduced microbial load means the product is less likely to aid the transfer of degrading microbes from surface to surface.

Helps You Gain a Distinct Competitive Advantage

TOUCHAB antimicrobial product protection is a unique selling point that differentiates you from your competitors while providing consumers with extra value.

TOUCHAB addtive can be incorporated into a vast range of products in many different industries, providing your products with an opportunity to penetrate new markets.

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