Antimicrobial Solutions for a Range of Applications

From consumer and commercial industries, to healthcare and building materials,TOUCHAB provides customized antimicrobial solutions for every product application. Our industry-leading additives are utilized in plastics, coatings, textiles, paper, glass,metal and a variety of other materials, with partnerships in every industry.

we provide you with a high-performing antimicrobial additive that can be safely integrated into your product. It's as simple as that.

How Can You Create an Antimicrobial Product?

TOUCHAB is experts in antimicrobial technology and its applications. Our team of product development specialists will supply you with efficient and thorough guidance on your journey to creating an antimicrobial product.

Planning the Creation of Your Antimicrobial Product

Following your decision to implement antimicrobial protection into a product line, our product development team begins working with your company to develop each aspect of the project. Initial conversations help us to determine how and where our antimicrobial compounds will assist with added product hygiene and cleanliness.

Key questions:

  • • What is your product made from (i.e. textile)
  • • How and where is your product manufactured (i.e. made in China)
  • • Where in the world will it be commercialized (i.e. sold in one country vs. globally)
  • • What will be the product's end-use (i.e. face masks, hygiene products)
  • • What environment(s) will it be utilized in (i.e. public places, medical institutions)
  • • What are you looking to achieve

Our product development cycle covers an array of considerations during the initial planning phase. Our engineers then begin designing your unique antimicrobial solution.

Integrating TOUCHAB Additive into Your Antimicrobial Product

Our engineers will provide advice and guidance on how to integrate it into your manufacturing process. We will then support your antimicrobial product with ongoing quality control testing and technical support, ensuring it performs to the highest standards at all times.

If you would like more information about customized solution, contact us now.