Increased Market Demand

A recent study revealed that 67% of consumers are concerned about exposure to bacteria in their everyday lives, with 72% believing antimicrobial/antibacterial products are effective at preventing bacteria, mold and mildew growth. By utilising the antimicrobial tech to produce related antimicrobial products, manufacturers like you can benefit from an increased purchase intent of up to 15%.

Add Value To Your Product

siaa mark

Using our TOUCHAB trademark and SIAA mark to market your products can bring measurable benefits to your business and help your product stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The market for antimicrobial protected products is growing each year as brand owners and manufacturers meet a growing consumer demand.

The SIAA antimicrobial protection mark has been widely used in the labeling of antibacterial products to provide the best guarantee for effective antibacterial protection.

TOUCHAB antimicrobial additives are registered with the SIAA Association.

By using the SIAA symbol on your products and in your marketing materials, you can rest assured that all claims are valid and regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

Free Technical Support

We will ensure that we provide the best antimicrobial solution for your material and application, including recommendations on the correct amount of antimicrobial agent to be added.

No Licence Fees

Unlike other suppliers, we do not charge licence fees for regulatory, technical and marketing support.

You’re able to utilise our years of experience and expertise to help make the most of your investment in TOUCHAB antimicrobial technology and ensure that your new product is a success.

For a discussion on whether TOUCHAB is the best antimicrobial solution for your product needs, contact us NOW.