TOUCHAB Antimicrobial Protection For Textiles & Fabrics

TOUCHAB antimicrobial technology is easily applied to textile manufacturing processes at any stage of production, helping fabric manufacturers to add antibacterial materials to their product range.

Without affecting the characteristics of the material, TOUCHAB provides durable and effective protection against both harmful and odour-causing bacteria,even virus.

This means you can treat your t-shirts, bed sheets, cloths or any other type of textile with long-lasting, durable TOUCHAB antimicrobial protection.

Antimicrobial topical treatments

TOUCHAB antibacterial technology can also be applied as a topical treatment to any textile to make it more hygienic and reduce bad odours.

Extensive testing has shown TOUCHAB, in spray form and applied topically, to be extremely anti-viral providing effective product protection against viruses such as Norovirus.

Fabrics stay fresher for longer - and because TOUCHAB is active only on the surface of the fabric, it’s friendly to skin.

How TOUCHAB antimicrobial treated fabric works

Highly effective at low addition rates, TOUCHAB provides up to 99.99% reduction against harmful bacteria and virus.

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